Now that iOS 12 is out, you can customize your experience even further by creating voice commands! Set a shortcut, and Siri will execute the action you need! We wanted to take advantage of that brand-new gift by crafting our Siri shortcuts!

To use Siri shortcuts with Relax Melodies, you must first complete specific actions in the app to “unlock” the shortcuts. Here are some examples:

  • Play a mix
  • Play a mix and set a timer
  • Start a Sleep Meditation
  • Start a Sleep Moves session

Once you’ve completed one of these actions, the shortcut will appear in your Siri shortcuts. Open your iOS Settings, then select Siri & Search and tap All Shortcuts under Suggested. Tap the + icon next to the shortcut to add it to Siri. After you record your personalized phrase, Siri can use it to tell Relax Melodies to run this shortcut.

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