Before the time of app stores, companies like Google and Apple were still defining the process of app creation, development, and distribution. For this reason, app developers needed to create 4 versions of their apps:

  1. Free app for iPhone for people to test the apps, use some of their features and decide whether or not the app was worth purchasing.

  2. Paid app for iPhone for those who had first tried the free version and then decided to purchase the full version.

  3. Free app for iPad for the same reasons above on iPad.

  4. Paid app for iPad for the same reasons above on iPad.

BetterSleep (formerly Relax Melodies) was one of the first relaxation apps to be released on app stores. This is why we still offer 2 versions of our apps. It can seem confusing at first, but it's a little piece of tech history that lives on!

In-App Purchases

With app stores came in-app purchases, which made Premium apps unnecessary as developers could offer transactions into one single app.

Rather than removing the Premium app from the Stores, we chose to include in-app purchases on our apps, so users could have the choice to upgrade their app and keep their saved mixes while keeping their purchase. Our apps also started offering new content like Guided Meditations and Courses. As their creation involves more work and more people, this content has been made available for Premium and free apps to those who buy a subscription.

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