We'll briefly show you our app and what it's about, so you get a glimpse of all you can do to enhance your yoga practice.

Menu Button

Located in the bottom-left corner, it will show you the main features of the app like Alarms and Timers, Clock, Slideshow and the Settings.

Main page

This is the main page of the app. You can scroll down to browse through our vast sounds library, or you can tap the labels on the top of the screen to quickly jump to a specific section.

Control Bar

You can play/pause up to 11 sounds and a guided meditation or a course. Clear will erase your current selection so you can create a brand new soundscape. You can also see your Favorites and the top picks from our community. The Volume button will show you the current volume of the app; you can also choose to play the sounds on other devices like Bluetooth speakers via the AirPlay button next to the volume slider.

Favorites Button

This button in the bottom-right corner will show your own Yoga soundscapes as well as the best creations of our Community. Tap the Plus icon under Favorites to save your soundscape for later!

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